I’m ill. I’m in a mood.

I’m off sick today, I feel terrible and I’m on a bit of a downer. That’s why I’m finally writing a post here. This one is more of an update post, but given my mood, it could easily turn into a rant so be warned. I was going to write more this summer, but I’ve been working overtime to make a bit of extra cash. I’d like to think that people would’ve been disappointed by that, but I see the stats for this site and I know that no one gives a single fuck.

I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I use things like this and social media purely to provide people entertainment and hopefully a bit of a laugh. I try and keep the personal stuff exactly what it is: personal. I get constantly told by people that they hate people who post personal shit everywhere and people who I haven’t seen for years will tell me when I see them out “I love reading the things you write, it’s so funny I show people in work”, yet it doesn’t convert into any measurable success. I’d love to do this more regularly or start something up with it, but it’s a damn popularity contest and I’ve never been the popular kid. I realise that something shouldn’t be measured by the amount of likes or favourites it gets, but the most “likes” one of my posts has got in the past 4 months is 28, not bad for my 250 “friend” list. But let me put that in perspective. “I’ve just made a gorgeous salad” from one of my attractive female friends got 62 likes. One lad posted a picture of a nando’s with “lunch”…91 likes! The 28 like post I was referring to had a similar punchline to something one of those lad sites posted a day later and that’s got over 4,000 and counting. I do this because I enjoy doing it and enjoy making people happy, but sometimes it gets so frustrating knowing that I’m the reason this doesn’t get read. I know someone who decided to write a few months ago. It’s fucking awful stuff. I’m not saying mine is good, I’m just saying theirs is worse. It is random bullshit that tries to be poetic but doesn’t actually make any sense. But everyone likes them. Good-looking, popular with everyone. Never not had opportunities thrown at them. Has done everything and lived a crazy life because they had the chance to. That site has became popular and now they write for someone else, which has expanded the audience that views it…but like I said, I’m not bitter.

That was the first and hopefully last rant. I’ll get back on track.

Since my last update post, I’ve now finished the first year of my Masters. By some miracle, I’ve managed to stay in the “Distinction” range. I’m not suggesting that there was any dodgy marking going on, but I thought what I wrote for my final assignment was crap and wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to continue to the second year, but the grade I got was massive and exactly the grade I needed to be where I wanted.

I also went to France with Wales for Euro 2016. That was one of the best experiences of my life, whilst simultaneously being one of the worst holidays I’ve ever organised in my life. I’m planning a separate post about that (obviously missing out on a good bandwagon following now it’s been over for a few weeks).

A lot of cricket has been watched. Glamorgan have made the t20 quarters which is a great achievement and will hopefully continue.

But unfortunately, work has taken up a lot of my time. Luckily, there is a lot to look forward to. Football season starts back up soon. Ice Hockey season, NFL season, more cricket. I’ve got the 2nd year of my Masters.

I was hoping for a good way to end this. But as I said, no one gives a fuck so I’m ending it now. Next time I write, I’ll be in a better mood. Honest.

Shenmue 3 – Finally happening

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about Shenmue 1 and 2 and how much they meant to me growing up…and why I spent my hard earned money on a Ryo Hazuki statue (https://roblmor.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/gaming-memories-shenmue-i-ii-sega-dreamcast/).

Since then, I’ve put down my money for a Lan Di statue (how can you leave the one when you have the other?). I also explained how desperate I was to see a Shenmue 3…well, IT HAPPENED!

I heard the announcement on the train on my way to work and I’m not afraid to admit, I got emotional. It was a day that, no matter how much I joined in the campaigning, deep down I thought I’d never see. It was an incredible feeling.

But it didn’t end there. To be able to achieve this, they needed fans. The only way Shenmue 3 was going to be funded was through kickstarter. The cynical amongst you would say that all they wanted was my money and you may be right. But I didn’t take it that way…

I sincerely hope that Shenmue 3 gets made. I’d love be a part of it myself, but that’ll probably never happen. I just hope that one day I’ll get to see it.

That was me. Two years ago. I’m not in the video game industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be, but the only way I felt like I could ever contribute to this game would be through my ideas and story. And I never realistically thought that would happen, unless it was another 30 years and I’d somehow come into money and could fund the project myself. But kickstarter was a way of helping. I could genuinely be a part of it. I’d already proved I was willing to pay money for Shenmue…my statue proves that!

So my money was officially in the pot. I won’t write how much I contributed. If anyone who knows me reads this and sees how much I put in, they’d judge me more than they already do. But now my name is going to be in a Shenmue game! Not just in the credits either, in the actual game! If I could go back and tell teenage me that (along with a few other things I’d let the little shit know), I would blow my own mind.

Now that the campaign has been successful, a new campaign has started to #SaveShenmueHD. The aim is to get SEGA to release a HD version of the first two games on modern systems before three comes out. I love my SEGA Dreamcast. It’s the best console I’ve ever owned and is still going strong now, even when other consoles have given up on life. Whenever I play Shenmue 1 and 2, it will be on the Dreamcast. I’d buy a new console version to support the franchise, but a new console version wouldn’t be for me. It would be for a new generation who have never experienced Shenmue. It would be for those who haven’t played Shenmue for years to rediscover or catch up before 3 is released. I’m a SEGA fanboy and always will be, but I do think it would be a great thing for them to do. Shenmue was and still is a great part of my life and it would be amazing for another kid to have the same experience I did.

Now comes the hard part – waiting for 3 to be released. I suppose I’ve waited 15 years, I can wait a little more…

…at least now I know its coming🙂

If anyone else wants to contribute, here’s the link to the slacker backer campaign: https://shenmue.link/order/

Here we go again…

Right then. This time, there will be content posted.

You have no reason to believe that and I have absolutely no evidence to base that on. I haven’t written anything for months. And I haven’t written anything good for even longer.

But this time, I’m really going to try and keep this up to date and use it in the way I intended to. It’s a new era. To prove it, I even changed the theme! That’s right, we’re doing things seriously this time. It looks cool too. It’s supposed to have a Bruce Lee “Game of Death” jumpsuit vibe. Me and Bruce Lee have so many connections. We both have the name Lee in our name for one. You want more? OK. He has made some fantastic, well respected and timeless pieces of cinema history…and I’ve watched them. See! The connections are endless.

So, what’s coming up?

I have one piece of coursework left in the first year of my Master’s Degree (Operational Research, Statistics & Financial Risk – Or “Maths” – for anyone interested). Once I get that done, I’ll have much more time to entertain any wonderful people that read this or just entertain myself (Not in that way, I mean I may be the only person that reads this. Although I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably do that other thing too at some point. For now I’ll keep that off the internet as I can’t see there being that much demand for it).

If there is anything anyone wants to know, let me know. If there is anything anyone wants me to write about, again let me know. If anyone wants me to write with them/for them, fucking tell me. @RobLMor

Gaming Memories: Crazy Taxi & Crazy Taxi 2 (Sega Dreamcast)

I started writing what I thought was a post about Crazy Taxi. I was writing for ages before I realised I’d gone off on a complete tangent and hadn’t actually got to the game yet. I do that occasionally. As a result, I will soon be posting a long piece about gaming in general. It really is something to get excited over, believe me.

But, back on track with this one – Crazy Taxi 1 & 2.

Crazy Taxi is exactly the “Pick up and play” game that I love. It’s a classic arcade dream. It’s filled with bright colours and frantic movement that is guaranteed to catch the eye if you’re walking past. As soon as that disc hit my Dreamcast and the bright yellow start screen appeared, I was hooked. Then, just in case I had missed the bright yellow screen and car sounds, a wacky voice says “Hey, hey! Come on over and have some fun with CRAAAZY TAXI!” and I thought You know what? I bloody well will!

When it comes to games, I do like an epic. I like a compelling story. I like over the top, long cinematic cut scenes, along with free exploring gameplay so I can do things in my own time. They’re the sort of games I can really settle in to and they grip me so I won’t want to put the control pad down. Crazy Taxi is not this. If you want a story then “You’re a taxi driver” is about as much as you’re getting. Crazy Taxi falls into the other type of games I love, short and sweet. It is the sort of game that if you only have fifteen minutes, you can get one game in. But at the same time, if you have six hours, you can play for six hours and the time would just fly by. The FIFA and Pro Evo games fall in to this for me as a football fan too, but it terms of sheer fun in one single game, Crazy Taxi wins purely on the chaos that gets crammed into one game.

It’s the beauty of arcade games that a lot of games these days don’t have. You start with a plan and as the time in the game goes on, it gets more and more frantic, your plan goes out the window, you start to panic, then the time runs out and all you can think is Damn…I was going well then…I’ll have just one more go.

Crazy Taxi is such a simple concept. You’re a taxi driver and the aim of the game is to pick up and drop off as many people as you can within a time limit. Some customers want to go short distances; some want to go longer distances; and as the game goes on, the time limits get harder and harder until you eventually run out and what you’ve earned is your score. Simple.

You start off by picking either “Arcade” mode or “Original” mode, which is basically a choice of two different areas which are very much similar to California, particularly San Francisco. You can also choose to between Arcade rules, or working for 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Of course, you choose arcade rules because that’s the only mode that counts in the real world and when you’re comparing your scores to your mates. The only time you choose any of the others is if you’re taking it in turns with your friends, so then you pick ten minutes so you get a good go.

Then you pick your driver. Unlike many games now, there aren’t endless characters and cars. There are four. You’ve got Axel, who looks like a surfer dude with bright green hair. There’s B. D. Joe, a cool guy with shades and a bucket hat. You’ve got Gena, with long red hair and a tight top with tight jeans. Then, finally you’ve got Gus, an older gent who looks like he could quite easily be a mob boss on holiday. I obviously went Gena because, ignoring the fact she’s a video game character, she’s fit. If she was a real woman, I so would.

The places you could go in the game were brilliant. There are obviously the generic bus stations and police stations, but there’s blatant product placement as well. You had passengers wanting to be taken to Pizza Hut, Tower Records, the FILA shop, KFC etc. I know things like this are not supposed to make you like a game, but it did add to my enjoyment seeing recognisable places. I know, I’m an advertiser’s dream.

With that being said, it should be no surprise that thanks to the ridiculously good soundtrack, I am now a massive Offspring fan. They provided the music along with Bad Religion and their fast paced sound perfectly complements the gameplay. I own every album. But before Crazy Taxi, I’d never heard a single track.

As I said in my previous “Shenmue” post, I won’t go into the details of gameplay. If you haven’t already played the game, then you should find a copy and play it. It is dangerously addictive. I love how it’s such a hard game to master, yet it isn’t annoying or frustrating trying to learn. You find yourself starting to plan routes just to shave the extra few seconds off. I’ve not played the Crazy Taxi arcade machine a lot and when I did play it, I was bloody awful. However, I would love to get my hands on one (if you have one, contact me). I had the Dreamcast version and I can’t advise strongly enough that you get a copy of it. I feel that the chunkier Dreamcast control pad just adds that bit of extra chaos and a bit less control that stupidly adds more to the game, unlike newer console control pads. Unfortunately, later versions also don’t have the original soundtrack or the product placements thanks to problems with getting the rights and I feel the game loses something without these.

I loved everything about Crazy Taxi and I wasn’t sure how the people at SEGA could improve on it. Then they brought out Crazy Taxi 2 and it became obvious – more than one passenger at a time. Genius. When that was brought up in the brainstorming meeting, they must have just stood up and gone “YES!” and hit the pub. A winning idea. A quick change of scenery and characters and they had a great sequel (but they took Gena out! I was gutted!). But to me, after this, that was it. Crazy Taxi is a Dreamcast game to me and always will be. Other console versions are just not the same.

Besides all this, there’s one overwhelming reason why this is one of my favourite games. I love this game simply because, on the Dreamcast, I was “The Best”. I was the Dog’s Bollocks. I’ve never been “The Best” at a game before this. When I was a kid, online leaderboards were a pipedream. The only way you could really tell how good at a game you were was from consistently beating your mates.

I thought I was “The Best” at Track and Field. Not real Track and Field, obviously. I mean the Playstation version. My fingers were ridiculously fast and my wrist movement was exemplary (possibly due to the fact that as a teenager, I wasn’t exactly popular with the ladies). I always thought I was “The Best”, until I was challenged by a friend of a friend. On a hot summer’s day, I sat in a mate’s garage, ready to put it all on the line. With all the boys I knew in attendance, I took part in a high class contest that will span the ages…and I fucking lost on the canoeing. I still dispute that loss. I practiced on a different version of the game which never had canoeing and no-one would tell me how to do it, because they all wanted the other boy to win. He knows I had him. How he can look himself in the mirror every day knowing that he won in the way he did is beyond me. Saying that, God only knows what his parents were thinking overhearing “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING? I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING? OH, WAIT, I’VE GOT IT NOW! YES! OH YES! COME ON! COME ON! YES! YES! I’M NEARLY THERE! JUST A LITTLE MORE! ARGHHHHHH! FUCK!”.

No such dispute with Crazy Taxi, I am “The Best”. There is no doubt about it. I have beaten everyone. In the immortal words of Bret “The Hitman” Hart “I’m the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be”. I will take on all comers. If you think you can beat me, then step up and I will put you right back in your place. I will now quote the great Ric Flair “To be the Man, WOOOOO, you gotta beat the Man!” and I’m the Man.

Geoff – The Spider In My Garage

There was a spider in my garage and he was fucking massive. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was afraid of spiders. I used to be frightened purely by the sight of them. I would run screaming for my Mum.  I’d be crying my eyes out and trying to find high ground on the settee. Then my Mum would shout “Oh Robert, you’re 19 for fucks sake!”.

I think it was the legs. I get warier the more legs something has. For example, I’m very wary of walking home at night being followed by a hoodie. They have two legs. These little spider fuckers have eight legs. That’s four hoodies. That is terrifying.

But through the years, I think I’ve been desensitised to the sight of them. It stopped being the sight and it started being the movement that scared me. They’re so quick! When they’re sat still, there’s no fear. I happily know exactly where it is and what the thing is doing. But then it sets off at a ridiculous pace all of a sudden and it’s the surprise that gets you.

I hate surprises. I hate balloons for this reason. It’s the same principle as the spider. If I’m holding the balloon, everything’s fine. I know I’m not going to pop it, I’m quite calm. If someone else is holding the balloon, I’m a bit concerned because the balloon could pop. But when it does, it’s loud and it’s fast and it makes me jump and I HATE IT!

Imagine you’re in town. Everything is calm and quiet. Everyone is quite relaxed. There’s a bloke a couple of feet away. He’s sat on a bench, cup of tea in one hand, newspaper in the other. Then, in a flash, he throws the tea and newspaper and starts running as fast as he can in a mad pattern waving his arms…surely you’d be concerned? You’d be fearful? That’s what spiders do! Why can’t spiders walk? They’re like a child that’s had too much sugar. They’re irritating little fuckers.

But I thought I found a way to combat the fear. Every giant spider in movies has an ominous or mystical name. You’ve got Shelob in The Lord of the Rings. You’ve got Aragog in Harry Potter. I’ve never known anyone called Shelob or Aragog. If they were in my school, they wouldn’t have made it. Sheknob and Aragknob. That’s rookie stuff. But maybe the spiders scared me because I was unfamiliar with them. To take a phrase and adjust it slightly, maybe a spider is just a friend you haven’t met.

So I decided the spider in my garage was now called Geoff. Geoff isn’t a scary name. So I went up the garage to speak to Geoff. Geoff wasn’t that bad, to be honest. He didn’t run about as much as some of my friends and wasn’t as needy or as clingy as some either. Yes, he occasionally tried to catch me in his webs by the door, but we put that down to drunken mistakes and moved on.


I liked Geoff. But then Geoff got bigger. Like I said at the beginning, Geoff was fucking massive. Not Aragog big, but still really big. Then one day, I went up my garage and Geoff had lost a lot of weight. I’m talking biggest loser type weight. He was a different Geoff. If I lost that much weight, I’d be able to dance in clubs without fear of being a viral video the next day. How’d on earth did he do it?

Well, it turns out Geoff was a girl spider. There were now hundreds of tiny little Geoffs, like dots scattered all over Big Momma Geoff’s web. It was time to get them out of my garage. I can deal with one, but hundreds, no thanks! But I couldn’t kill them. Geoff hadn’t hurt me, why should I hurt his/her/it’s family? So I collected Geoff up (classic method, glass and paper job) and transported the entire family to a new home. I did all that and I wasn’t fazed at all. Not in the slightest.

So, am I still scared of spiders now? YES! FUCKING TERRIFIED! I’m terrified for very different reasons now.

After I thought about it, I realised I made a massive error. I’ve killed many spiders through fear. So much so that I’m sure the spider world has heard about my spider treachery. They would fear my house. The house of death. Geoff must have feared for the life of him and his family (he’s still a he to me). But I spared them. I rehoused them. I gave them a life. What if he tells the other spiders? They’ll write stories and sing songs about me. I didn’t take away my fear, I took away theirs. Now they’ll all come back. My fear now is that in the night, they’ll all come back. Thousands of spiders on the walls and ceilings. Spiders like that bit in Arachnophobia when they get inside the person and…..JESUS CHRIST, WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Memoirs from a Coffee Shop

I’m writing this from a Starbucks.

I’ve always seen people sat in Starbucks with their coffees and their laptops or tablets and thought Wow, these people must be important. They must be on their break from their important jobs and their work must be so important that it just cannot wait until they get back to their important desk in their important building.

This image has now been completely shattered. I sit here as an unemployed man, writing this bollocks. Important work, my arse. The truth is that they could be doing exactly what I’m doing.


See, they could be writing anything. Just because they’re wearing a tie and a fancy shirt, doesn’t mean they’re doing anything.

I don’t really get the whole coffee thing. Does anyone really like coffee? Coffee tastes horrendous and smells just as bad. That’s why I’m sat here with a cup of tea. Saying that, I’ve never really understood why there are so many types of tea either. This one I’m drinking is “English Breakfast” tea and I’m not quite sure what is “English Breakfast” about it. It doesn’t taste or smell like bacon.

Anyway, I’m starting to wonder if people just saw the gang from Friends having fun drinking in a coffee house and think that it’s the cool thing to do. When I watched Friends, that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to walk in, sit down in the same comfy sofa that is always empty, even though it’s the best spot in the place, and then wait for my day to be brightened up by some hot friends who look like Jennifer Aniston.  But it’s not cool. To show how not cool it is, there’s a group of boys on the table to my left whose funny anecdote just started with “Pretend, for a minute, that you’re in Star Trek: Voyager”.

After all this, you’re probably wondering why I’m actually in Starbucks. I clearly don’t understand it.

Well, to be honest with you, it’s because people watching is bloody amusing. There are all sorts of characters in here. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s nerd international next to me, discussing all sorts of nonsense. It’s particularly enjoyable listening to them trying force the fat kid into being Jabba for their Star Wars Marathon, even though he’s desperate to be R2D2. I will admit, I’m kind of hoping for an invite for this. I’d make a good Jabba too.

I’ve got an older couple of women opposite me. Older women talk about all sorts of nonsense. They don’t care if the other person is even listening either. As long as they can get it off their chest that “Our Angie just passed her driving test and young Kath just got a first in her Social Studies course”. I’m resisting the urge to tell her that Social Studies isn’t a real degree, but the truth is that young Kath will be able to apply for all those jobs that ask for a “minimum 2.1 in any subject” that I can’t with my 2.2 in Maths (I’ll probably write rage about this at a later date).  But I did pass my driving test. First time too. Luckily, I can brush pass the first degree bit and make myself feel better by focussing on the fact that these two women are now in a deep discussion about the menopause and don’t realise how loud they’re talking. The bloke behind them looks very uncomfortable. The look on his face is priceless and I wouldn’t see that drinking tea at home.

Then there’s the table next to me. There’s a really hot girl on her laptop on it. I mean really hot. I bet she’s important. I bet she’s doing really important work that just couldn’t wait until she got back to her important job in her important building. Wait, I’ve just disproved this bit. Although I bet she’s not writing “BALLS! COCKS! ARSEHOLES! VAGINAS!”.

I’ll be honest, I’ve already starting imagining the wonderful life we’ll have together. Nice house. Two kids (with her looks). Two cats (not with her looks, that would be weird). Nice car. Lot’s of money. Happy lives. She’s really pretty.

But to be honest I am almost certain nothing is ever going to happen. Maybe it’s because she’s well out of my league. Or maybe it’s because, as I’m typing this, her handsomer, fitter, employed boyfriend has just walked in. But if I was pushed for an answer, I’d say it’s mainly because when she looked over at my screen, the only words clearly visable are “BALLS! COCKS! ARSEHOLES! VAGINAS!”.

Time to go.

Gaming Memories: Shenmue I & II (Sega Dreamcast)

I wanted to write a piece explaining why I, amongst many others, believe that Shenmue and Shenmue 2 are the two greatest pieces of art to ever be created. The problem with this is that, eventually, I will have to explain and justify why I spent close to £150 on a handcrafted statue of the game’s main character, Ryo Hazuki.


Therefore, this piece is now about why these games mean so much to me that, more than 14 years later, I parted with £150 (plus postage and packaging) that I really couldn’t afford.

For anyone who doesn’t know or has never played Shenmue, here’s a brief summary from pieces on Wikipedia,

“The video-game is an epic adventure with movie-like cinematography and plot elements that include drama, mystery, romance, suspense and action. Shenmue offers a game-playing experience that includes elements of action, adventure, fighting and role-playing games. The story centers on an 18 year old man named Ryo Hazuki, whose father has been murdered by a mysterious man named Lan Di. Ryo embarks on a quest to avenge his father’s death and unlock the mysteries of a legendary stone mirror.

Gameplay in Shenmue is diverse; while most of the game is spent walking around locations in a third-person ‘chase cam’ mode (talking to people, searching for things, and so forth), it is interspersed with many minigames, including forklift and motorcycle races, bar fights, chases down crowded alleys, full versions of Sega arcade games Space Harrier and Hang-On (both originally programmed by Shenmue creator and director, Yu Suzuki), dart games, and fighting sequences.”

Shenmue I takes place entirely in Yokosuka, Japan. There are four main areas of Yokosuka in the video-game; Yamanose, Sakuragaoka, Dobuita and Yokosuka Harbour. Shenmue II takes Ryo to Hong Kong islands Aberdeen & Wan Chai, Kowloon (an enclave of Hong Kong) and Guilin (a fictional village in China). I won’t bore you with all the gory details about the game. There are plenty of sites on the internet that can go into more detail and I can only urge you to have a look at them. Actually, just play the bloody games. They’re worth your time.

It’s really hard to explain how immersive these games are unless you actually play them. When I first played Shenmue all those years ago, I had never experienced a game where the story gripped me, the characters felt real and the gameplay setting felt like a second home. There were times during the game where I wasn’t actually moving forward with the epic story. I was just spending days exploring and chatting to locals, visiting the local shops and bars or spending all my Japanese Yen on Sega Capsule toys.

I spent hours trying to better my scores in the arcade on the in game Super Hang-On. I actually own a Sega Mega Drive and I actually have the game Super Hang-On. I could’ve easily plugged it in and enjoyed evenings of retro gaming. It just felt far more enjoyable to turn on the Dreamcast, walk Ryo to You Arcade, making sure to say “Hi” to Nozomi  and Tom on the way. Then I’d spend a Shenmue day in the arcade before making sure to be back in Yamanose before 11pm so that Ine-san doesn’t get worried about me. Or maybe go and spar with Fuku-san, then head back into the Hazuki residence living room and play Super Hang-On on Ryo’s Sega Saturn.

These games weren’t just games. They were a different life. They took me out of year 2000 South Wales and put me in some of the most beautiful places around late 1980’s Asia. I even did my school geography coursework on Japan using a lot of what I learnt about Japanese life from Shenmue, got an A+. I still have that project somewhere.

These games pushed me to start learning Japanese. Don’t get me wrong, I was rubbish at it. I couldn’t say “Where is the supermarket?” but I could say “Excuse me, Sir. Would you like a game of Lucky Hit? It’s $50 a game and the rule is…”. But I will learn Japanese properly one day. I’d love to be able to go to Japan and feel as comfortable as I did in Ryo Hazuki’s world.

I will admit, I probably won’t go around Japan asking “Do you know where sailors hang out?” or “Do you know anything about Chinese people?”

So, why did I spend £150 on the Ryo Hazuki statue?

I bought him because every time I look at him, I remember some of the best moments of my childhood. I remember important lessons Shenmue taught me and ethical values and rules to live by. It also reminds me of things I’d like to do in the future. That’s why I spent £150 on it…and its limited edition and looks cool as fuck.

The travesty is that Shenmue 3 has not been made and the saga has not been finished. These are games that are constantly on the greatest games of all-time lists, yet still its strong fan base are stuck not knowing whether Ryo completes his journey. This saga deserves an ending. Games have moved forward. Graphics are better. Worlds are bigger. I truly believe that my PS4 could allow Yu Suzuki to make a Shenmue that pushes the ever expanding boundaries of gaming, just like he did with the Dreamcast version. Hell, I’m not an Xbox man, but if it was on Xbox One, then there’ll be one with my name on it.

I sincerely hope that Shenmue 3 gets made. I’d love be a part of it myself, but that’ll probably never happen. I just hope that one day I’ll get to see it.

There are great campaigns all over the internet, for example the #SaveShenmue Campaign run by @TeamYu on twitter. I can only urge everyone to support these campaigns. Even if there is only a slight outside chance of an ending, it’s worth fighting for.

A Warning for the Future

I did have a blog before. No one read it.

But I enjoyed writing it. That’s pretty much why I’ve started a new blog. I like having a laugh and I’ve always felt like I could do it best through writing. This is why I should point out that the aim of this blog is to entertain me. If others find it enjoyable, that’s marvellous, but if it makes me laugh then I’m happy. It should do because I really am a great bloke, regardless of what my ex says.

My last blog was all about football. I’m a big Cardiff City fan and have been a season ticket holder there for I don’t know how many years now. But I’ve been mocked for many a year for this next bit, because I’m also a Man United fan…shut it, I can explain. I was brought up a Man United fan from the moment I knew what a football was thanks to my Dad who is Man United through and through. My Step-dad has been taking me down the City since the late 90’s and I can’t imagine not going down there most Saturdays. My friends can call me “Two team Rob” all they like, it doesn’t hurt. Honest. I’m fine with it. Really. Just seems a bit childish, that’s all. But I’m OK with it. It doesn’t bother me at all, not even a little bit. Anyway, I wrote about football and did enjoy doing it. I wrote some good match reports too. I took that bit quite seriously. But the more I watched football to write about it, the more I saw the horrible side of it. I found what was intended to be my funny take on things became rants about how much I hate FIFA. They really are a diabolical organisation and what Mr Blatter doesn’t get is that…I’m going off on one again.

This new blog will be a different approach. I’m not going to just write about football. I’m going to write about whatever I bloody well want. I have many different interests and many different opinions and this is where they’ll be coming out. I will try and make each post as interesting as possible but as I’ve said previously, if I like it and you don’t, sucks to be you. Also, as a warning, there may be some bad language. None of it is meant to offend anyone and if you are offended, I’m very sorry, please forgive me. However, if you’re the bloke who hit me with a bottle of coke you threw out of your car window the other day, you can take offence. You can die a slow, painful death and rot in Hell. If you were on fire, I wouldn’t waste my piss.

So there you have it. I will write about anything and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to spread the word and get other people reading. Or better yet, get someone who’ll pay me to write this stuff to read it. I’m unemployed at the moment and I’d be a bloody good employee. I have references that say that and I’m available immediately.